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OAPWS Talks to First Year U of Ottawa Speech-Language Pathology Students

Posted on: June 14th, 2013 by Norm McEwen No Comments

I had the pleasure (and public speaking now is a pleasure, believe it or not) to be a part of the threesome from the OAPWS that spoke to the first-year speech-language pathology students at the University of Ottawa.

For the third year, Mrs. Lynn Metthe, who not only instructs and advises the first-year speech-language students, but also is an accomplished speech path that has put into practice what she teaches, had asked the OAPWS for some of our members to speak to her class.

We have found that speaking to her students benefits everyone. We benefit by having the opportunity to speak off-the-cuff to a group of strangers, and about a topic we care deeply about; namely stuttering. (more…)

A Letter of Thanks

Posted on: October 26th, 2012 by Norm McEwen No Comments

The following email was received from Lynn Metthe, Clinical Coordinator, who teaches the first-year speech-language pathology students at the University of Ottawa.

“A heart felt THANK YOU to Norm and Laura who volunteered to speak to 1st speech-language pathology and audiology students. Students were moved and inspired by their stories. Their presentation helped set the tone for the year and helped me communicate that you don’t treat the symptoms…you treat the person. Lynn Metthé Clinical Coordinator”



Posted on: July 8th, 2011 by Tania Kamienski No Comments

 In May the Halifax Support Group for People Who Stutter celebrated their seventh anniversary. Participants enjoyed celebratory snacks and drinks as well as a presentation from Dr. Michael Kiefte, a Dalhousie researcher who is interested in methods to reduce the frequency of stuttering. Lively discussion followed, along with some choral reading to help members with their flu

The Halifax Support Group For People Who Stutter is run by Alison Thompson, who can be contacted through e-mail at  

 Recently OAPWS has been in contact with Alison and shared experiences on sustaining a support group. The Halifax group is very lucky in that they obtain free meeting space at Dalhousie University. Also interesting to learn is that student pathologists at the Dalhousie School for Communication Disorders attend many of the group’s meetings – it is a requirement of their program.  Alison noted that this arrangement has been very beneficial both for the students and the members of the support group. (more…)